Getting Members

One of the most over looked aspects of starting your own GPT site is building your member base. Many people like you have over looked this and they lease the script and have it designed and get the walls and offers in place only to find that no one is there to use it. This isn’t the “Field of Dreams” and if you build it they will come.

How are you going to get members to your GPT rewards site? Don’t worry, I know how in fact there are many ways to do it. Some cost money and some don’t. I suggest you use as many as possible because this really is crucial to your success,

  1. Good Referral Program – If your site has a good referral program then your members will do a lot of the work for you. They will tell their friends and family, some will even pay for ads, hand out fliers, blog about your GPT rewards site and more. Having a good referral program is the #1 way to get members for your GPT rewards site.
  2. Forum Posting – There are hundreds of forums and message boards about how to make money online and how to get free stuff. Join these forums and introduce yourself to the members, write a post about the GPT rewards site you created and how it benefits them. Be sure to mention the good referral program.
  3. Blog Posting and Mentions – You can create your own blogs about earning money online and getting free stuff and you can direct the visitors to your website. You can also use google and search for the most popular blogs on the subject and contact the owners and ask that they mention your GPT rewards site, be sure to let them know about your good referral program and how they can make money by promoting your site, if it’s a popular enough blog you might want to even offer them more incentive, by either a higher referral rate or cash or gift cards.
  4. YouTube and video promotion – You can make or have made a promotional video about your GPT rewards site. You can use a service like Virool to promote it on other sites like yours, to the exact people who would use a site like yours. If you need a professional video created we suggest you use an affordable good option like Fiverr.
  5. Advertise on similar established sites – This is a powerful fast way to get new members that already do this sorta thing, it will cost a little money but most sites offer affordable advertising, We suggest the following sites.

You can also signup as an advertiser on the networks listed on this page CPA Networks and make affordable campaigns that will get you lots of members from other GPT sites.

If you utilize these methods to get members to your new GPT rewards site then you will have plenty of members in a short amount of time, these are tested true methods we have used for years to build a strong member base on our sites. PicoWorkers even starts you off with free money to get members to prove it works.